Legal basis:
Articles no 26, 27, 28, 29, Law no 7703, dated 11.05.1993 “On Social Insurance in the Republic of Albania”, amended;
Eligibility conditions:
a) Be entitled to maternity leave, woman must have completed 12 months of insurance for each maternity case;
b) Be insured at the time of entitlement.

3. Documentation:
Beneficiary of maternity leave if employed must submit to the employer (entity) the following documents:
a) Maternity-leave certificates;
b) Child delivery certificate;
c) Family composition certificate;
d) Work booklet;
e) Previous year assessment base form (this document is to be completed by finance sector of the entity);
f) Finance sector of the entity, based on these documents, shall complete the standard payroll form for short-term benefits and delivers it to LSIA that covers such entity;
g) After checking and verifying documents, the LSIA delivers payments to the personal account of the beneficiary or to the account of relevant entity;
h) A self-employed beneficiary shall hand in the documents directly to LSIA, where calculation is made. Payment of benefit is made by Social Insurance.

4. Benefit amount:
a) In case of an employed woman, for prenatal period and 150 days after child delivery, benefit amount is 80% of average daily assessment base of last calendar year;
b) In case of an employed woman, for the next period onwards until completing a total of 12 months as provided under eligibility conditions, the benefit is 50% of average daily assessment base of last calendar year;
c) At the entitlement moment the urban self-employed woman shall be granted as much as minimum urban pension amount;
d) The self-employed in agriculture, when entitled, shall receive as much as the minimum rural pension amount.